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Pembroke Leavers' Group Fund

A project by: Isabel Husband



from 26 donors

Help us improve the life and atmosphere of the JP

The Aim

Every year the Pembroke Leavers’ Group comes together to raise money to improve a certain aspect of college life. This year our fundraising objective is to improve the atmosphere of the JP. Our priorities are to make a material contribution to the Junior Parlour, that is both realistic and achievable.

Who are the plg?

The Pembroke Leavers' Group committee is made up of undergraduate students at Pembroke from 3rd and 4th year who will be graduating in June.

what we're Fundraising for

Over the course of the last few years, it has been noticed that the JP is underused and is not seen as a warm social space by students. We'd like to change this. As a realistic goal, we thought an improved sound system would improve the atmosphere of the JP and make it more 'homely'.

Our priorities are:

1) Improve the sound system: A new sound system will give us more control and improve the general atmosphere of the place. This is likely to cost £4000. If we raise £2000, a Pembroke alumnus has kindly said that they will match what is raised by the PLG, and that might enable us to meet our stretch targets.

2) Lower the lighting: Those ceilings are pretty high, so the rooms can feel cavernous and less "homely". We're looking to see if the lights can be lowered to make the place feel more friendly.

3) Better noticeboards: We would like to put better noticeboards / white and blackboards around, for messages, thinking aloud etc.

If half of us gave £30, we would achieve our primary goal. If you'd prefer, you can give £10 now and let us know that you'd like to give £10 for the next two years as well. Obviously, donations above this figure would be very greatly appreciated. If we surpassed our goal, we would use the additional funds to address our other goals.


The Master will host a special party for all those who donate to the PLG fund. This will take place after the end of exams at the Master's Lodge.

In addition, all PLG donors will be invited to the annual "Benefactors' Reception" (the Saturday of May Bumps) along will all the other alumni donors.

get in touch

Feel free to contact any members of the PLG committee. Our emails can be found on the email sent to graduating 3rd and 4th years.

Help us succeed!

By donating to this cause, you can help us make a substantial and long-lasting impact on the social life of college and well-being of students. Join us in trying to achieve our goal!!

In addition to donating, please share this page and encourage other graduating students to donate. Every donation is greatly appreciated and will go a long way.