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A project by: Gareth Lavan

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Help the PLG to raise money to aid an at-risk academic

the aim

Every year the Pembroke Leavers’ Group comes together to raise money to make a profound difference to some aspect of college life. In prior years this has meant anything from raising money to support mental health provision for current and future students, to contributing toward our access fund supporting admissions for candidates from low income and BME backgrounds. 

THIS year, our fundraising objective is to contribute toward aiding an academic who is at risk from immediate danger of violence, persecution and death through the Cara foundation. Our goal is to raise £1000 - eminently reachable. If, for instance, all of us just chipped in £10 - merely the price of a ticket for formal - then we'd easily hit our goal. 

Who are the plg?

The Pembroke Leavers' Group committee is made up of undergraduate students at Pembroke from 3rd and 4th year who will be graduating in June.

what we're fundraising for

Cara provides urgently needed help to academics in immediate danger of violence, persecution and death. Cara also rescues their families. In partnership with universities Cara offers at-risk scholars the financial and practical help and assistance to reach a place where they can continue their work safely, without threat of violence and persecution. The College currently hosts a Cara scholar who fled Syria. Pembroke provides him with a relevant departmental context for his research, and housing him and his young family. 

Next year, Pembroke has decided to host another scholar, and we, as the PLG, desire to do all we can to help make this possible. 

Academics are the intellectual DNA of society, which is very much why they are targeted first by tyrants and despots. In addition to the humanitarian imperative, when it comes time for war-torn countries to be rebuilt, their academic cultures can only be restarted by people who have been able to keep their academic careers alive. 

Please watch this interview with Sir Antony Gormley, which helps convey the importance of Cara. 


The Master will host a special party for all those who donate to the PLG fund. This will take place after the end of exams at the Master's Lodge.

In addition, all PLG donors will be invited to the annual "Benefactors' Reception" (the Saturday of May Bumps) along will all the other alumni donors.

get in touch.

Feel free to contact any members of the PLG committee. Our emails can be found on the email sent to graduating 3rd and 4th years.

Help us succeed!

By donating to this cause, you can help us make a substantial and long-lasting impact to someone's life. We will be making a tangible contribution toward aiding an academic who is facing immediate danger of persecution, violence and death. 

In addition to donating, please share this page and encourage other graduating students to donate. Every donation is greatly appreciated and will go a long way.