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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of fundraising for a specific project from a ‘crowd’ of many donors, who make donations of various sizes in return for small rewards.

Each project has a limited time (normally 1-3 months) to raise a target amount of money. Two targets are set – a minimum amount, without which the project cannot go ahead, and a goal amount. If you don’t raise your minimum amount by the end of your campaign, the payments aren’t taken and you don’t receive the money. This creates a sense of urgency which encourages donors to support you!

It works really well within universities because there are large groups of people who want to see your projects succeed, such as alumni, or your friends and family.

What is a project?

When you publish your idea or event, we call it a project. For your idea to become a project, you must have a clear goal and be able to explain how you will spend the funds you raise.

Who are the sponsors?

Your sponsors will be individuals such as alumni, friends, and family. Occasionally, they may also be complete strangers! How many people your project reaches is up to you, as you create a promotion plan and reach out to your networks.

What will I have to do?

If your project is accepted, as the Creator, you will have to create a promotion plan for your campaign and reach out to your own networks for support. The more passionate you are about your project, the easier this will be. You are also responsible for delivering the rewards you promise to your donors.

Why should I use Pembroke’s platform?

Projects on an institution’s own platform receive gifts which are on average 40% larger than on platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo and have a higher success rate.

You’ll receive advice and support from professional fundraisers in the Development Office, for instance on mapping your networks and the best ways of approaching them, to help you run a successful campaign.

You’ll be invited to a workshop on best crowdfunding practice and receive a crowdfunding handbook.

In some cases, matched funding might be available, or your project might be sent out to certain alumni for their support.

Pembroke’s platform has already raised over £20,000 for PCBC and £15,000 for the Choir tour to Zambia!

What's all-or-nothing funding?

We ask you for two amounts - the minimum you need, and your ultimate target. Funds only change hands if a project has reached its minimum once it hit its end date. This means you only need to carry out your project and deliver rewards if you achieve this minimum target. We recommend setting the minimum at the smallest amount you need to complete your project and successfully deliver rewards. You can still set a bigger project target as well! Most projects receive considerably more than their minimum!

Can I raise more than my funding target?

Yes! There is no ceiling to how much you can raise and it is common for projects to raise more than their minimum and sometimes more than their funding target!

Are there any fees?

We cover the costs of the platform so you only pay payment processing fees with Stripe.


The Crowdfunding Handbook
Rewards Guide
Promotion Guide

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